Friday, May 18, 2012

An Addiction I Am Trying To Control

What can I say, I think I am an addict.  It is hard to sit at the computer and not be tempted to trade something.  This is a bad habit of mine that I am finding hard to cure.  It's like taking a recovering alcoholic to the local watering hole and setting a Shirley Temple in front of them while you're drinking and enjoying the finest craft beers this fine country offers. 

I came into Wednesday with no positions as I closed them all on Tuesday as found in my recent post titled "The Markets and Whiskey are More Correlated Than You Think".  I closed them due to the uneasy feeling of the current environment.  I feared the market in both ways as a rip would kill my short delta positions and carnage would kill my long delta positions, either way I expected volatility either way and didn't want to screw up my mind with wild swings in my P/L.  Well Wednesday didn't disappoint as the familiar morning run followed by selling ensued.  But instead of sitting there watching, I felt like I had to do something...and I did.

I put the following positions on:

SPX - May 1310/1305 Bull Put Spread
/ZB - June 147/148 Bear Call Spread
RUT - June 740/780/820 Iron Butterfly

So where do I sit now, I'm down on the /ZB and SPX option trades and positive on the RUT Iron Butterfly, but losses are exceeding gains.  Around 1:30 EST I sat at my desk wondering why the hell did I have to get into these.  While they compromise a small position of my holdings and I'm waiting for the turn to bull up, I still didn't need to get into these and I could go into tomorrow with peace of mind. 
Even with the futures trading nicely right now (+7.75 in the /ES) I still go into tomorrow with some uneasiness with the SPX trade that expires Friday morning.  The market is series of unknowns that the trader controls with risk management.  I need to learn to just stay out sometimes no matter how good setups are and take a break, as one has to remember your health is ultimately affected as well.

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