Name: Randy Redman
Twitter/Stocktwits: @redman59
Email: redman59@ymail.com
Location: Small town near Gettysburg, PA
Family: Wife (Tanya) and Son (Grady,8)
Grew up in a small town near Rochester, MN.  I enjoyed and still enjoy the outdoors to include fishing, hunting, and trapping (although haven't done this one lately).  I enlisted in the Marines out of High School and served for 4 years in Security Forces and Infantry, with one deployment to Afghanistan.  After that I have held job titles of Detention Officer and Police Officer.  In 2006 I developed an interest in the stock market and learned right away about options.

Colorado Technical University, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude

Market Education:
I have no degrees or collegiate education in the markets and have not worked for any market-related firms.
Coaching and/or classes:
  • BigTrends, OptionPit, Sheridan Mentoring, EarningsTrades.com
Newsletters I've subscribed to past and/or current (which I consider education as well):
  • OptionsHawk, SPYderCrusher Trade Advisory, ExplosiveOptions, BigTrends, Option Alpha
I have read and continue to read many books, magazines, blogs on markets.

Trading Style:
I mostly trade direction and income strategies with options.  I like to combine technicals and fundamentals for directional trading.  I will also look at option order flow combined with technicals to look for trade setups.

I credit my education on technical indicators to BigTrends and my income trading to OptionPit and Sheridan Mentoring.

When posting charts to Stocktwits I try to combine as many supporting facts as possible (ie. chart structure, fundamentals of growth and/or value, possible short squeeze, option order flow).

I have to give a lot of credit to Joe Kunkle at OptionsHawk.  Having been a subscriber to his trading services I have learned a lot of the above in how to analyze technicals, fundamentals, options order flow, volatility, etc.  It is his trading style and work that I try to model as it combines as many supporting facts possible to the trade setup.

"It's a Marathon, not a Sprint"