Who I Follow

The following is a list of people that I follow either on Twitter/Stocktwits or read their blogs and subscribe to with Google Reader.  Although these names need no introduction I provide brief descriptions with primary reasons why I follow them even though these traders are very knowledgeable in other areas. Names with an "@" prefix represent their Twitter/Stocktwits handle:

  1. @OptionRadar - the best I've seen at dissecting option order flow, blog posts could be a text book
  2. @aztecs99 - options momentum trader, has a good focus list
  3. @OptionPit - income-style options trading, great blog for skew & VIX analysis & order flow
  4. @agwarner - good at VIX related analysis
  5. @Livevol_Pro - best platform for options analytics, posts good blogs & must read for skew analysis
  6. @WhatsTrading - provides analysts reports, options volume info, provides option order flow
  1. @Xiphos_Trading - posts thoughts on futures sticks to his method despite social noise
  2. @PeterLBrandt - good blog read 
  1. @SPYder_Crusher - great proprietary algos & studies
  2. @chessNwine - technical analysis, updates blog throughout day & dub him the best blog headliner
  3. @hertcapital - shows stocks w/ Relative Strength; follow if you like Investors Business Daily methods
  4. @traderstewie - day/swing trader, posts many chart setups to the stream
  1. @ibc_fn - good constant news updates 
  2. @reformedbroker - frequent blog w/content on market related thoughts, stats updates on events
  1. @chicagosean - posts good life lessons, enjoy his Minimalist Trader posts
  2. @jaltucher - has the most interesting posts & can always learn something from his stories

***This list will be updated with time.  While I provide links with some to services, in no way are these intended to be advertising as I receive no compensation, discounts, or gratuities for listing them.***