Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Hate English, Failed in Grammar, & Why I Started a Blog

First I must say that I am no pro-writer, I hate English, failed in Grammar and still have to Google what an adjective is.  But all that aside, I love trading and talking about trading.  While I don’t consider myself an expert in any one area there are some ideas I have or in general I just like to share information.   Trading is something I love and take seriously and becoming a full time trader is my long time goal…not to get rich or because I hate my job, but because this is something I love and want to do.

I primarily love to trade options because there is a great deal of strategy that can be involved and the managed leveraged is appealing.  I loved math in school, liked the game Risk and Monopoly, and like to play chess so the enhanced strategy aspect and diversity of options interested me. 

I also started this blog for an organizational and responsibility aspect.  When trading in my home by myself, I felt myself starting to get reckless.  With time I found myself not keeping track of things like I did before. With my full time job I found that when I did have time to fully concentrate on trading I found myself placing trades I normally wouldn't have thinking I had to make up for lost desk time or had to speed up my performance.  Well as any trader probably knows when you start slipping in your journaling, organizing, and are trading just to trade; performance reflects.  This blog for me is perfect as it reminds me to slow down and remember to collect your thoughts and stay organized. 

Another side project that I decided to do was set aside money for a blog account.  The money set aside will be for live trades which will be shared and shown on Twitter and Stocktwits from entry, to management, to exit (make sure to read Disclaimer), and email confirmations will be shown.  It won't be a huge account but I want to use it as a tool to analyze trades and also receive comments from readers if I could have done something different from analysis to trade management.  So really it will be a learning tool for me or any readers that will be publicly shared as I am no expert and always open to constructive criticism to improve on my trading and again hopefully it can be an all around learning tool.  I will type up a better description about this account within the Performance link. 

So these are some reasons on why I started a blog.  I love trading and talking about it, keeps me in check as I have more of feeling of responsibility, and wanted to start an account as a open-ended learning tool for myself or any readers.  It's an overall journey I look forward to and hope to walk a successful path.

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